An introduction

For those not familiar with ourselves, a small introduction is in order. We are StarmoreBoss of Sheffield, a small independant wine and spirits merchant committed to bringing you the best produce we can find. 

We're a small team, four of us to be exact, consisting of Barry, Jeff, Hannah and Sarah. 

You can find a little more detail below. 


StarmoreBoss is a boutique wine and spirits shop specialising in a range of fine wine, unusual spirits and craft beers for all budgets. Our aim is to bring you products we truly believe in, products with provenance, heritage and, above all, quality. We began back in 2012 with our shop on Sharrow Vale Road. There is a real sense of community here with the majority of shops cafes and restaurants being independently owned. We have since grown our range, offer wholesale services and acquired a second shop in Fulwood with a tasting room. The name 'StarmoreBoss' comes from the two owners, Barry Starmore and Jefferson Boss.

Barry Starmore has over 25 years of wine experience. Having started out as a Sommelier at the Savoy Group, he’s well known for running the Oddbins shops in Sheffield for 18 years and also for his involvement with the Wig and Pen restaurant. Barry has run hugely popular wine and whisky tasting evenings at venues across Sheffield. He’s also been invited first hand to many wineries across the world and learnt how to make whisky at Bowmore Distillery on Islay, Scotland.

Jeff Boss has worked behind a counter, serving the public, for over 15 years. Some will recognise him from independent record shop Record Collector; others from Oddbins where he met Barry and started his passion for drinks. He’s been involved in the music industry, promoting live music and running record labels. In the on-trade, Jefferson has also run bars and pubs, most notably the Shakespeare in Sheffield, where he started its transformation to an award winning real ale pub. He works for whisky companies representing brands at whisky shows. He also works as a consultant to many bars and restaurants.

Hannah Ford has worked in wine and spirits for nearly 5 years after taking a bit of a U-turn post uni. Hannah studied Photography but found a passion for the industry when she started working in a hybrid wine shop and bar in her home town of Warrington. Since then, she has moved to Sheffield and continued to pursue a career in the industry at StarmoreBoss. 

Sarah Hatton is a close friend of Barry and Jeff and has known them both for many years. Sarah's main job is a knitwear designer and a very successful one! Although StarmoreBoss is not Sarah's main job, she has been there since day one and is always on hand to help out. 

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